Bluesound Now Shipping PULSE SUB and TV Stand to Support PULSE SOUNDBAR

Bluesound, the leader in wireless high-res multi-room music systems, announced two new products that further improve the performance and flexibility of the recently introduced PULSE SOUNDBAR. The PULSE SUB is Bluesound’s first wireless subwoofer that offers a quick and easy connection to the PULSE SOUNDBAR or to any home theater system. The TS100 TV Stand for the PULSE SOUNDBAR is the best way to conveninently add the PULSE SOUNDBAR to your home theater when space is limited. Both are available … [Read more...]

NAD M32 is a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honouree

Last night at CES Unveiled New York, the Consumer Technology Association named the NAD M32 a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honouree, adding it to a shortlist of the hottest and most cutting-edge High Performance Home Audio/Video products. Judged by a panel of tech experts, the CES Innovation Awards recognize only the highest-rated products and technologies, making it an incredible honour for the NAD research & development team to be presented with this award. Redefining the integrated amp … [Read more...]

PSB Speaker’s SubSeries 450 is a Recommended Reference Component

Since its release earlier this year, PSB’s SubSeries 450 DSP Controlled Subwoofer has garnered high praise from the likes of Home Theater Review and more. Now the powerful subwoofer can add one more accolade to its checklist, as the SubSeries 450 has been awarded a spot on SoundStage Hi-Fi’s Recommended Reference Components list. Based on a review published back in September, the home theatre experts at SoundStage concluded that “…PSB’s Subseries 450 sets the bar high for sound quality and value … [Read more...]

Bluesound Introduces World’s First Streaming, High-Res Audio Soundbar

CEDIA Expo, Dallas TX –- September 13, 2016 – Bluesound, the leader in wireless, high-res, multi-room music systems, today introduced the PULSE SOUNDBAR, the company’s first soundbar offering and the world’s first to feature hi-res network audio streaming. With BluOS™, Bluesound’s powerful wireless multi-room streaming operating system, the Soundbar enables the TV room to be the heart of a whole-home wireless music system that delivers the world of hi-res music to all members of the household … [Read more...]

Connected Home is SMART Home

It  all  started  way  back  in  1898,  when  Nicholas Tesla  got  the  U.S  Patent  for  the  Remote  Control,  which  created  the  concept of  one  control  device  for  a  unit,  and  which  has  now  expanded to  multiple  devices  and  units  with  and  for  Human  activities.  Even  though  several  terminologies   such  as  eHome,  Wired Home,  Automated  and  Digital Home,  have  been  used  to  define  this  modern  and  unique  Home,  but  with  the  evolution  and  advancement  in  … [Read more...]

Managed wifi solutions with Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Technology brings out a Managed WiFi Solution. To set up WiFi networks many questions arise. First question would be how to deal with interference? Any device which operates at 2.4GHz can interfere in WiFi network. Where to put access points? Access points connect the devices with internet wirelessly using RF (Radio Frequency). Placing Access points is critical as various other devices interfere with the frequency of Access Points and disturbs the connections. Configuration of client is … [Read more...]

Home Security System?How it works with Automation?

  What is Automated or Smart Home Security System? Automated Home Security System is basically an integration of various security devices. It integrates IP CCTV, Video Door Phone, and Motion Control System as in Alarm System or Motion detectors. It means together all these devices work 24 x 7 Watch Dog to your home. The amazing part of this it works without any Human Interference. That’s why it is a smart security system. How it Works? Various security devices get integrated through … [Read more...]

NAD M17 Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award

Since being launched NAD Masters has been highly recognized by internationally by industry leaders and audio writers as an advanced digital audio system with a vast collection of five-star reviews and awards. We're pleased to announce that the NAD Masters series was once again honoured with a prestigious award at Positive Feedback's 12th annual Writers' Choice Awards for its state-of-the-art M17 Surround Sound Preamp Processor. "As a preamplifier it bought nearly everything I'd want in a high … [Read more...]

NAD Masters M12 M22 Review in The Absolute Sound

"These components [NAD M12/M22] remain true to NAD values in the way they prize midrange neutrality and integrity, yet also throw hints of warmth and richness into the mix," said Neil Gader in The Absolute Sound's December 2015 review of the NAD Masters M12 Digital Preamplifier DAC and M22 Stereo Amplifier. The Absolute Sound praises the NAD duo's dynamics, flexibility, and innovative BluOS music management software, while commenting that the NAD Masters' bass response is "bold and extended with … [Read more...]

Home Automation Return on Investment

Home Automation Return on Investment Many people would find Home Automation expensive to implement. Here this myth has been addressed. Home automation is not an expense but, a good return on investment option.  If smartly implemented, it can give good reward. So let’s discuss, what is smart implementation? And, how it can fetch financial reward? Smart Implementation While adopting home automation one should make plan on some focus point.  It is like making priority list. Automate the … [Read more...]