PSB X2T Tower Wins 2015 TAS Golden Ear Award

Each and every year Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound, Robert Harley, assembles his editorial team to carefully select their recommended products from TAS's pool of reviewed products. Unlike TAS's Editors' Choice Awards--a collection of every product TAS-recommended product, chosen by a panel of sound experts--Golden Ear Awards are a writer's expression of how great a product is. This year, we are proud to announce the Imagine X2T Tower speaker has been awarded with a 2015 Golden Ear … [Read more...]

Speaker Driver | How Speaker Drivers Works

The speaker driver is cone or diaphragm. There are mainly four types of drivers in the Speakers Tweeter, Midrange, Woofer and Sub-Woofer. Though these are the basic four drivers used in the speaker, there other speakers which have more drivers. There are drivers like “Balance Armature “which are smaller than other drivers. In small sized driver it possible to comprise more drivers. These design use cross over network.  There are some full range speakers which simply need amplifier to power it. … [Read more...]

How Speaker works?

Sound System has become integral part of our life. Today nearly all the house would have at least one sound system. Now the question remains that, what is quality sound system? To understand that, let’s understand the basic functioning of Sound System. Functioning of Sound System In a very simple word the sound system takes the signal call “Sound Wave”, convert them into electronic current, amplifies it and reconvert it as “Sound Wave”,  lets see how speaker works. Step 1: - Signal … [Read more...]

What is 4k Resolution?

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 4K 4K is becoming more and more popular word. Many people have at least heard of it. This post will try to throw more light on this word that what is 4k resolution?   Resolution: 4K is a kind of resolution. Many people use it interchangeably with Ultra HD (UHD). 4K is definitely UHD but, UHD need not to be 4k. To make this clear the generally the resolution of 4K is 3840 X 2160 which means 3840 Horizontal Pixel and, 2160 Vertical Pixels so, total is … [Read more...]


                        Can you imagine that you can control ambiance of your entire house on just one click? Yes!!! You got it right, just once click. This magic can be done by wonderful product of Control4 Switch Board. It is a customized Automation Wireless Keypad. It has back led light and can be inscribed with various names as per your need. Its satin silk Look is also pretty attractive, … [Read more...]

New Network Stereo Receivers from Onkyo Offer Ultimate Connectivity and Premier Sound

Versatility and features abound in the affordable new 135 W/Ch TX-8150 and 110 W/Ch TX-8130 network stereo receivers from Onkyo, the world leaders in home entertainment design. Both receivers are built around Onkyo’s unique, fully discrete high-instantaneous-current amplification system that controls the speaker drivers with exceptional accuracy while capturing a very wide audio frequency spectrum for dynamic, energetic, and realistic sound. Backed by a high-output massive transformer and … [Read more...]


HOME AUTOMATION FOR DISABLED PERSON Home automation is useful for disabled person in many aspects. Many people would think that Home Automation is Luxury. Today we will try to discuss that Home Automation is not just a luxury but, it is way beyond. Imagine a life of a physically challenged person say, a physically paralysed person. Physically paralysed person is one who has lost his/her physical mobility. Such person requires aide of other person even for his/her basic task like clothing, … [Read more...]


Audi has just released the new and improved Audi A4 to an eagerly awaiting luxury sedan market. Supporting the high performance nature of the Audi brand, the new Audi A4 Saloon and Audi A4 Avant include an optional Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System that offers an unparalleled level of acoustic transparency and sets the benchmark of excellence in the automotive audio systems market. “The Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System in the Audi A4 brings fascinating 3D sound to all who hear it, adding … [Read more...]

Control4 Homebuilder Program: Integrators Tout up to 80% Closing Rate – control4 home automation india

Set yourself apart by constructing homes that include the automation technology that today’s savvy homeowner expects.(control4 home automation india) The ubiquity of the Smart Home is taking form in the recent progress Control4 has made together with national homebuilders. Leveraging that as a model, Control4 has created a homebuilder program focused on building relationships between regional homebuilders and our expansive network of CI dealers. The goal is to combine new technology in demand … [Read more...]

“Brighter Life with Smarter Light” Smart Lighting Automation

Smart light technology - Smart Lighting Automation  is way to make your more livable. Lighting is not just about removing the darkness. It is about making your life brighter, better and more convenient. Lighting is play vital role in adding beauty to the decor of your house; it makes the ambiance of your house pleasant.  Now just imaging, how wonderful it would be if the lighting of your home becomes smarter. Smarter light follows your schedule and get adjusted automatically according your … [Read more...]