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Can you imagine that you can control ambiance of your entire house on just one click? Yes!!! You got it right, just once click. This magic can be done by wonderful product of Control4 Switch Board. It is a customized Automation Wireless Keypad. It has back led light and can be inscribed with various names as per your need. Its satin silk Look is also pretty attractive, which suits the decor of your house. There various types of customization which can be done, following points will make it much clear about it.

Good Night Switch:

After having a long and weary day you would love to straight away go to bed. Now think, can you do that? You actually perform so many activities before going to bed like, switching off the lights, putting on the Night Lamp, Setting up the right temperature on Air Conditioner, Locking the doors, closing down the windows, Turning on the alarm etc… No matter how much you are tired after having long working hours from office, even though you are a house wife you would definitely find it tedious because; you perform so many house hold duties during the day time. So, what’s the solution? Can’t all these be done with just one click? The answer is yes. Good Night button on Control4 Switch board can do all these for you. This button is inscribed with letter “Good Night” and highlighted with back led light which makes easy to identify the functionality this button. It can be set right next to your bed, so you can perform all the tasks with just one click which you do every day to have sound sleep. Now put aside your worries and have safe night with the help of “Good Night” Button of Control4 Wireless Keypad.

Entertain Switch                 

Just like Good Night Switch, Entertain switch is also highlighted with back led light with and inscribed with letter “Entertain”. Just as its name suggests, it integrates your entertainment devices you can operate multiple devices with just one click. For Example, Just as you click on this button it can turn on your Television, Reduces the lighting level, Switching on the Home Theater connected with Television, and you can have the same scene of Cinema House at your home on just single push

There so many other integration are available set the ambiance of your house as per your need. Like “Good Bye Button”, “All off Button”, “Panic Button”, “Morning Scene Button” etc… You can List down various tasks and set them on suitable button to have your desired ambiance. For more detail you can contact “ConnectedHome – Ahmedabad” an authorised dealer of Control4.


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