Home Security System?How it works with Automation?

home security system


What is Automated or Smart Home Security System?

Automated Home Security System is basically an integration of various security devices. It integrates IP CCTV, Video Door Phone, and Motion Control System as in Alarm System or Motion detectors. It means together all these devices work 24 x 7 Watch Dog to your home. The amazing part of this it works without any Human Interference. That’s why it is a smart security system.

How it Works?

home security systemVarious security devices get integrated through wireless switch board. We can take “Good Night Mode” or “Good Bye Mode”. If devices are connected to “Good Bye Mode” then on the click of that button it security devices will get activated. If any unusual activity happens in the house it will be detected by various detectors like Smoke Detectors, Motion Detectors, Gas Leak Detectors etc. this detector will send signal to the various devices. It will raise the alarm and also will give a call to the person whose number is fed in Auto Dialler System. It can also give a call to multiple numbers at a same time so that if, one person is not able to pick the phone the other person having the access of the system will able to get the message. On picking up the phone a pre-recorded message will inform the authorized person about the unusual activity at the home. The person can then use the Smart Phone. The IP CCTV will transmit the audio visual data from the home to the connected devices like Smart Phone with the help of Internet. The authorized can then monitor the activity with the help of connected Smart Phone or Laptop.

Smart Home Security System can also connect your smart Phone or Video Door Phone with door lock. So, if you’re not home and if you wish to give access to your to the person standing at your door you can do that. With help of smart phone you open your door lock and can allow the person to enter without your physical presence. So, you can make sure your dear friends or guest does not wait till the time you reach the home and open the lock.

Thus Smart Home Security system provides reliable solution to your security need. You can feel relaxed as your home is in safe hand.

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