How Speaker works?

Sound System has become integral part of our life. Today nearly all the house would have at least one sound system. Now the question remains that, what is quality sound system? To understand that, let’s understand the basic functioning of Sound System.

Functioning of Sound System

In a very simple word the sound system takes the signal call “Sound Wave”, convert them into electronic current, amplifies it and reconvert it as “Sound Wave”,  lets see how speaker works.

Step 1: – Signal Received In terms of Sound Wave, this sound wave can be human voice, Musical Instrument Any Signal received through safelight like radio station. It’s received by Input transducer

Step 2: – Input transducer which can be microphone or contact pick up converts the sound wave into electronic current.

Step 3: – Processors are tonal adjuster like Bass and treble control. It also includes equaliser and stereo balance. It adjust

Step 4: – Recorder are devices which store the sound they can be CD, Hard Drive, and DVD etc.

Step 5: – From recorder it reaches to processor which adjusts bass and treble and goes to amplifier

Step 6: – Amplifier Boosts the signal inform of electrical current before it gets reconverted in to sound wave.

Step 7: – Finally output transducer reconverts the boosted in electrical current in sound wave      

How to measure Quality

Before purchasing sound system its quality must be tested. A quality sound system does have qualities like.

  • It will produce natural sound, which requires good sound processor and good amplifier which adjust the sound currently so as to produce original sound effect.
  • It separates the sound, e.g in musical concert there will be a sound of Drum, Guitar, Violin and Voice of Singer. Pay attention to music system are you able listen sound of each instrument clearly or they are getting mixed.
  • It makes you dance you would start bobbling your head or tapping your feet if listening music from a good sound system.


h760iMGNMWN-FPSB Imagine Mini

Very small 23Cm Speakers are actually able to create huge Impact. It has got wonder full depth and richness of sound. PSB Imagine Provides wonderful stereo effect, with the help of stereo effect you feel as surround effect. Sounds are coming from different location just as it reaches to microphone from original place. It   shiny looks enhance the decor of your house. Instrument vocal place are given space to perform so both of them don’t get mixed. One other thing It provides Wonder full texture.  PSB in mini really fits in all quality test and a worth buying option.

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