Managed wifi solutions with Ruckus Wireless


Ruckus Technology brings out a Managed WiFi Solution. To set up WiFi networks many questions arise. First question would be how to deal with interference? Any device which operates at 2.4GHz can interfere in WiFi network. Where to put access points? Access points connect the devices with internet wirelessly using RF (Radio Frequency). Placing Access points is critical as various other devices interfere with the frequency of Access Points and disturbs the connections. Configuration of client is also becomes issue while setting up wireless network. To address these pain points Ruckus Wi-Fi technology brings latest technology in the world of wireless. These technologies are Zone Director and Beam Flex.

Zone Director

Zone Director combines multiple networks. In general if there are multiple networks then, the connected device say Laptop or Cell Phone shows each network separately. If the connected network is weak then it disturbs the internet surfing. To solve the Ruckus Zone Director combine all the networks. In this case the connected device shows all the available networks in single network. Now if any networks are weak then the device does get connected to other available network working at strongest strength. Thus user gets seamless internet surfing experience. Zone Director provides centralised control to all the access points.

Beam Flex           

Beam Flex is a smart WiFi antenna. It is built on smart RF technology. It mitigates the interference of nearby devices. If a device is connected to WiFi then, Beam Flex identifies significant interference in the direction of connected device. It then selects the optimum antenna pattern which provides the best possible network strength to the connected device.

The major benefit of Ruckus technology is that the Ruckus Access point can be placed anywhere. It automatically connects with zone director.

Minute Configuration  

It provides automate user security. It automatically generates unique pre-shared encryption keys for each user. It works without human intervention. It performs the task of client configuration within few minutes.

Ruckus wireless technology provides reliable, cost effective and robust solution to set up strong WiFi network.

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