What is 4k Resolution?


4k4K is becoming more and more popular word. Many people have at least heard of it. This post will try to throw more light on this word that what is 4k resolution?



4K is a kind of resolution. Many people use it interchangeably with Ultra HD (UHD). 4K is definitely UHD but, UHD need not to be 4k. To make this clear the generally the resolution of 4K is 3840 X 2160 which means 3840 Horizontal Pixel and, 2160 Vertical Pixels so, total is around 800,000 pixels which is 4 times higher than full HD resolution 1920 X 1080 Pixels. In case of Cinema Grade it provides 4096 X 2160 Pixels. In case of UHD which can be anything significantly higher than Full HD Like 2K or 3K or even 8K, 6.5K or 6K though these higher resolutions are at experimental stage. Higher number pixels do not let the picture to get blurred even in bigger screen thus, provide better picture quality. Apart from better picture quality it also provides Higher Frame Motion Rate. The close look to the picture posted on right side would make it clear.

Resolution Pixels
SD (Standard Definition) 640 X 480 Pixels or 720 X 576 Pixels
HD (High Definition) Ready 1280 X 720 Pixels
HD 1366 X 768 Pixels
FULL HD 1920 X 1080 Pixels
UHD 3840 X 2160 Pixels to 7680 X 4320 Pixels
4K 3840 X 2160 Pixels or 4096 X 2160 Pixels


Devices for 4K:

Though 4K resolution has become popular due to television there many devices which can have 4K resolution such as Laptop, DSLR Cameras, CCTV Camera Recording, Drone and Projectors etc… In nut shell the use of 4K resolution has become wide spread.


In India 4K content is not yet provided by most of TV channel. Indian channel provides 1366 X 768 resolution, in fact Indian telecast is still limited Upto 720i Pixels. To get 4K content internet is the best source at present. There are sites like YouTube which provides 4K content. One thing is not worthy that even if you watch conventional 1080p, Blue – Ray or 720p in 4k TV it will up convert them and would deliver better result. For 4K content you would TV brand with powerful up conversion engine, and HDMI 2.0 ports. The normal 1.4 HDMI port can handle 24 Frame per second motion rate to handle higher rate you would need 2.0 HDMI (High definition Multimedia Interface) Port.

Worth Buying Option

Of course the one would think, is it worth to buy 4K TV, Monitor, Camera or Projectors? The answer is yes. Though it is slowly progressing but, it’s getting more and more affordable. 4K TVs and content are now easily available. Broadcast Industry is looking to Introduce HVEC (High Efficiency Video Codec) to stream 4K content. In next few years 8K will be introduce so, 4K will soon become easy and affordable to Buy.    

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