Bluesound Now Shipping PULSE SUB and TV Stand to Support PULSE SOUNDBAR

Bluesound, the leader in wireless high-res multi-room music systems, announced two new products that further improve the performance and flexibility of the recently introduced PULSE SOUNDBAR. The PULSE SUB is Bluesound’s first wireless subwoofer that offers a quick and easy connection to the PULSE SOUNDBAR or to any home theater system. The TS100 TV Stand for the PULSE SOUNDBAR is the best way to conveninently add the PULSE SOUNDBAR to your home theater when space is limited. Both are available … [Read more...]

Connected Home is SMART Home

It  all  started  way  back  in  1898,  when  Nicholas Tesla  got  the  U.S  Patent  for  the  Remote  Control,  which  created  the  concept of  one  control  device  for  a  unit,  and  which  has  now  expanded to  multiple  devices  and  units  with  and  for  Human  activities.  Even  though  several  terminologies   such  as  eHome,  Wired Home,  Automated  and  Digital Home,  have  been  used  to  define  this  modern  and  unique  Home,  but  with  the  evolution  and  advancement  in  … [Read more...]

Distributed Audio

Audio means connected with sound and the recording and broadcasting of sound. It is sound within hearing range available to humans. Distributed audio refers to the availability of audio in various rooms or zones. Distributed audio is a system that makes it possible to deliver high quality stereo audio to these various rooms or zones. The rooms or zones could be in your home, office building, fitness centre, restaurant, school, hospital, shopping mall and many other places. Each place or … [Read more...]

Managed wifi solutions with Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Technology brings out a Managed WiFi Solution. To set up WiFi networks many questions arise. First question would be how to deal with interference? Any device which operates at 2.4GHz can interfere in WiFi network. Where to put access points? Access points connect the devices with internet wirelessly using RF (Radio Frequency). Placing Access points is critical as various other devices interfere with the frequency of Access Points and disturbs the connections. Configuration of client is … [Read more...]

Home Security System?How it works with Automation?

  What is Automated or Smart Home Security System? Automated Home Security System is basically an integration of various security devices. It integrates IP CCTV, Video Door Phone, and Motion Control System as in Alarm System or Motion detectors. It means together all these devices work 24 x 7 Watch Dog to your home. The amazing part of this it works without any Human Interference. That’s why it is a smart security system. How it Works? Various security devices get integrated through … [Read more...]

Home Automation Return on Investment

Home Automation Return on Investment Many people would find Home Automation expensive to implement. Here this myth has been addressed. Home automation is not an expense but, a good return on investment option.  If smartly implemented, it can give good reward. So let’s discuss, what is smart implementation? And, how it can fetch financial reward? Smart Implementation While adopting home automation one should make plan on some focus point.  It is like making priority list. Automate the … [Read more...]

Speaker Driver | How Speaker Drivers Works

The speaker driver is cone or diaphragm. There are mainly four types of drivers in the Speakers Tweeter, Midrange, Woofer and Sub-Woofer. Though these are the basic four drivers used in the speaker, there other speakers which have more drivers. There are drivers like “Balance Armature “which are smaller than other drivers. In small sized driver it possible to comprise more drivers. These design use cross over network.  There are some full range speakers which simply need amplifier to power it. … [Read more...]

How Speaker works?

Sound System has become integral part of our life. Today nearly all the house would have at least one sound system. Now the question remains that, what is quality sound system? To understand that, let’s understand the basic functioning of Sound System. Functioning of Sound System In a very simple word the sound system takes the signal call “Sound Wave”, convert them into electronic current, amplifies it and reconvert it as “Sound Wave”,  lets see how speaker works. Step 1: - Signal … [Read more...]

What is 4k Resolution?

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 4K 4K is becoming more and more popular word. Many people have at least heard of it. This post will try to throw more light on this word that what is 4k resolution?   Resolution: 4K is a kind of resolution. Many people use it interchangeably with Ultra HD (UHD). 4K is definitely UHD but, UHD need not to be 4k. To make this clear the generally the resolution of 4K is 3840 X 2160 which means 3840 Horizontal Pixel and, 2160 Vertical Pixels so, total is … [Read more...]


                        Can you imagine that you can control ambiance of your entire house on just one click? Yes!!! You got it right, just once click. This magic can be done by wonderful product of Control4 Switch Board. It is a customized Automation Wireless Keypad. It has back led light and can be inscribed with various names as per your need. Its satin silk Look is also pretty attractive, … [Read more...]