HOME AUTOMATION FOR DISABLED PERSON Home automation is useful for disabled person in many aspects. Many people would think that Home Automation is Luxury. Today we will try to discuss that Home Automation is not just a luxury but, it is way beyond. Imagine a life of a physically challenged person say, a physically paralysed person. Physically paralysed person is one who has lost his/her physical mobility. Such person requires aide of other person even for his/her basic task like clothing, … [Read more...]

“Brighter Life with Smarter Light” Smart Lighting Automation

Smart light technology - Smart Lighting Automation  is way to make your more livable. Lighting is not just about removing the darkness. It is about making your life brighter, better and more convenient. Lighting is play vital role in adding beauty to the decor of your house; it makes the ambiance of your house pleasant.  Now just imaging, how wonderful it would be if the lighting of your home becomes smarter. Smarter light follows your schedule and get adjusted automatically according your … [Read more...]

WiFi Multi-Room HiFi Audio Systems with BlueSound Technology – are you living HiFi?

When it comes to home automation then it is incomplete without BlueSound WiFi Multi-Room HiFi Audio Systems. BlueSound Multi Room Audio is an added flavor to your Home Automation especially when you’re passionate about Music. It is very interesting to know that how it works. It basically integrates your musical devices like DVD, TV, Speaker, Amplifier, Tuner etc. It is very basic instinct to know that how it works or become beneficial to us? Then bellow mentioned points will help to make that … [Read more...]

How Home Automation is Useful for old age parents?

How Home Automation is Useful for old age parents?   Home Automation: Modern Solution of Modern Age To answer such modern time solution we need modern solution. And ConnectedHome brings in modern solution in form of Home Automation.     Modern Concern What is the modern concern? Modern concern is most of the family in this modern age are of small size. Today husband and wife in most of the family are working and in small size family no one else is there to … [Read more...]

Dolby Atmos Technology | what is 11.1

Just imagine if you listens the roar of lion and how thrilling it would if you feel that lion actually in front of you not in the TV set, that can happen when the roar of lion seems natural rather than created from channel. Dolby Atmos Technology has brought in this opportunity to feel the sound occurred naturally from the object rather than from the channel. Up to now the sound from the object say in this case roar of lion has to be assigned to the channel to create sound track and that … [Read more...]

Video Distribution with Automation

In India the trend is changing people have started living in unit family and there are so many concerns like, no one is around when you are terribly sick, as husband and wife both are working and nobody is there to take care of the house there are so many concerns but, it is time to just seat back and relax! Because; Control4 has got the answer. Think of very old person or physically challenged person or a person who is terribly sick, who finds it pretty difficult to walk down the switch board … [Read more...]

Lighting Automation

Smart lighting just got brighter Want to change the mood in an instant? Use lighting automation to create contrast, focus and depth. While trends in design and décor are ever-evolving, lighting will always play a critical part in creating an inspiring and beautiful room—not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you’re in a home or in a business, ambiance makes all the difference in the world. With ConnectedHome smart lighting solutions, you’ll have the freedom, flexibility … [Read more...]

Home Automation

Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Home automation for the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality of life for persons who might otherwise … [Read more...]