NAD M17 Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award


Since being launched NAD Masters has been highly recognized by internationally by industry leaders and audio writers as an advanced digital audio system with a vast collection of five-star reviews and awards. We’re pleased to announce that the NAD Masters series was once again honoured with a prestigious award at Positive Feedback’s 12th annual Writers’ Choice Awards for its state-of-the-art M17 Surround Sound Preamp Processor.

“As a preamplifier it bought nearly everything I’d want in a high resolution system save digitizing analog signals. If you’re not a vinyl devotee perhaps there’s nothing to be concerned about. Even with the digitization, I simply forgot I had a wholly digital preamplifier in my system, even when listening to two channel music—again with the caveat that more resolving systems will resolve more fine detail. The M17’s imprint was so light, that it took effort to find it; a very slight bit of glossing I infer, because… that’s as close to an imprint as I could find. Control features are simple enough for nearly anyone to operate without consulting the owner’s manual. Not as detailed as some, but I am unaware of a more musical two channel/surround sound preamplifier.”

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