NAD Masters M12 M22 Review in The Absolute Sound


“These components [NAD M12/M22] remain true to NAD values in the way they prize midrange neutrality and integrity, yet also throw hints of warmth and richness into the mix,” said Neil Gader in The Absolute Sound’s December 2015 review of the NAD Masters M12 Digital Preamplifier DAC and M22 Stereo Amplifier. The Absolute Sound praises the NAD duo’s dynamics, flexibility, and innovative BluOS music management software, while commenting that the NAD Masters’ bass response is “bold and extended with iron-fisted grip that not only sounded deep during Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man [Reference Recordings], but which also provided superior pitch definition and tunefulness.”

Gader concludes the outstanding review with: “And it scores point at all levels–refinement of sound, classy execution, and cool, cutting edge modularity that gives it attractive and sensible “have-it-your-way” appeal for the old and the network-savvy alike.”

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